GHD Hair Straighteners- Which one is the Best Hair Straightener for You?

Published: 08th December 2010
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When we look up hair straighteners online, it is most likely that GHD comes up on the first few pages. GHD is a name which has to be mentioned when it comes to hair straighteners. GHD hair straighteners have definitely long become one of the best hair straighteners in the hair styling market. Being used by many top salons all across the world, GHD boasts high quality and excellence with convenience and safety. Easy to use and labeled at a competitive price, GHD which is short for "Good Hair Day", has become a fashion accessory that women and even men cannot do without.

While choosing hair straighteners, we need to take several factors into account like hair length. Here is a simple collection of 4 types of GHD straighteners, and hope it can give you inspiration or instructions.

GHD IV Mini Hair Straightener
GHD IV mini hair straightener is the most ideal styling tool for women's short hair, and men's hair. With rounder barrel, it is easier to create perfect curls, waves, or flicks as well as perfect straight hair line.

GHD IV Salon Hair Straightener
GHD IV salon hair straightener is the best hair straightener for those with longer or thicker hair. GHD IV salon styler features larger and wider plates for maximum coverage in minimal time. For safety, sleep mode is a built-in mode that could give us peace of mind by turning off when it is left unattended for 30 minutes.

Red Lust GHD IV Hair Straightener
Hair straighteners GHD could also be used to make fashion statement with your own distinctive style. Red Lust, Blue Serenity, Purple Indulgence, or Green Envy? These GHD hair straighteners do not just own a distinctive name but also a distinctive personality. Each GHD styler from the color collection also comes with a quilted heat resistant pouch and stylish protective case.

GHD Limited Edition Hair Straightener
GHD has also created several limited edition hair straighteners based on the core product- GHD IV Hair Styler. GHD limited edition hair straighteners come in various colors like white, black and pink. Also, limited edition often includes added products. For example, this GHD limited edition radiance set comes with styler bag, mini beautifier kit by Benefit Cosmetics, and "How to" DVD.

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